PETA-Core executes automated tests of your software on a message level. The messages sent between software components or systems are verified and controlled. Missing communication systems, like components that are not yet implemented, can be simulated by the platform.

A simple configuration provides the possibility to switch between real and simulated components at any time without changing the test cases. Due to the possibility of system components being simulated, test cases can be developed without having the real system under test at hand.

PETA-Core may easily be integrated into automated build and release management systems, enabling the fully automated testing of software after every change.

As a pure Java application PETA-Core can be used on all popular systems and can be easily integrated into an existing environment.

PETA-Core Architecture:



  • Pure Java application, therefore platform independent
  • Easy integration into existing development environments


  • Based on latest software technologies and standards
  • Creates consistent, modular and self-documenting test cases using XML
  • Supports arbitrary message formats and transport protocols
  • Model-Driven, no programming knowledge required


  • Provides plug-in interfaces to support product specific solutions
  • Fully customizable test results output format