Test design

PETA-Designer is the integrated development environment of the PETA platform. Based on the universal tool platform Eclipse PETA-Designer is available for all common operating systems. The comfortable graphical user interface allows a straightforward visual modeling of test cases.

The constructed test cases can be started directly from the development environment. Test results are presented as visual reports which can be printed and exported in various formats.

Test configuration
Online-Demo (requires Flash)
Test development
Online-Demo (requires Flash)
Test execution


  • Comfortable, graphical development environment
  • Seamless integration with other Eclipse based development tools
  • Create consistent, modular and self-documenting test cases
  • Automated creation of test reports (PDF, MS-Excel, CSV, HTML)
  • Integrated development support for platform extensions with Eclipse Java Development Tools (JDT)
  • Integration with the Eclipse Test and Performance Tools architecture (TPTP)