Recording web interactions

PETA-Webrecorder records web page requests generated by the web browser and the corresponding responses from the server.

By directly converting the recording into a PETA test case this component not only perfectly integrates into the PETA platform, but also delivers a ready to run PETA test. Various filter settings allow to strip irrelevant traffic (e.g. style sheet files, pictures or audio files) from the test case to reduce the test case complexity.

In contrast to other recording tools no mouse moves or button clicks are recorded.

This avoids time-consuming re-recording of tests just because of small page layout changes. The recorded test case can for example be used in conjunction with PETA-Load.

Test case recording

Test case recording

Online-Demo (requires Flash)

  • Web sites
  • Web portals
  • Web shops
  • Ajax-based Web applications


Rapid generation of test cases

  • Simple recording of browser interactions allows for the quick generation of large test sets.

Support of modern technologies

  • Excellent support for testing Ajax-based web applications.

Exhaustive integration

  • Generated test cases can be freely edited and changed.
  • Test cases may be used by other platform components.