PETA-Designer is a graphical modeling tool for developing test cases. It is provided as a plug-in for the Eclipse development platform.

PETA-Designer offers the possibility to create, edit, and visualize components of a test case in a graphical environment. Refactoring and debugging are supported as well as the integration with common source code repositories.

PETA-Designer Screenshot

PETA-Core is the heart of the test platform. The system is responsible for the execution of the test cases, that are specified as XML documents. A high level of flexibility and reusability is achievable by the modular design of the test cases. To provide a flexible adjustment to individual project requirements PETA-Core offers well defined interfaces to integrate your own enhancements.

PETA-Core Architektur

PETA-Webrecorder directly records web page requests while executed in the browser. The data acquired here is directly transformed into executable test cases.

The generated test cases can be freely edited and changed afterwards and may be used by other platform components.

PETA-Webrecorder Screenshot
Load testing

PETA-Load is used for checking the stability and performance of software in load scenarios.

This allows for reliable predictions about the behavior of the software in the target environment and thereby supports the performance rating and hardware sizing process.

PETA-Load Screenshot


  • System tests
  • Integration tests
  • Regression tests
  • Load tests
  • Stress tests
  • Capture/Replay